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Arnica’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do your products contain parabens? No
  2. Does this collection contain SLS? No
  3. Is this collection vegan-friendly? Yes
  4. How often can I reapply? They can be applied as often as required, except for the Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub which should only be applied to small targeted areas.
  5. Is this collection safe to use during pregnancy? SBC Skincare Arnica products have been safety assessed as suitable for use during pregnancy except for the Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub which we would not recommend should be used during pregnancy.
  6. Can they be used together? Yes, the Arnica range can be used as a full ritual if required.
  7. Are there any age restrictions? Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub is not suitable for those under the age of sixteen, all other products in the collection are suitable for use over 36months.
  8. Is there a chill or burn sensation? Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub has a heating effect on the skin.  It may take up to 5 minutes to develop and may cause localised reddening of the skin which is all normal. The New Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Rescue Spritz does not have a sensation. 
  9. Can they be applied to broken skin? No, these products are not suitable to use on broken skin.
  10. What is the best order of application? The range can be used as required, used individually or as a ritual.  For optimum results, we would suggest you use the Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak, followed by the Arnica Gel.  Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub should be applied as required onto small areas of clean, dry skin. The Arnica & Wintergreen Spritz can be applied as often as required also. 
  11. Can I use the Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub on my face? No, Arnica & Wintergreen is not suitable for use on the face, that goes for both the Rub and the Spritz.  The Thermal Rub is not a body cream and should not be applied as a moisturiser but applied to targeted areas.  Please wash your hands after the application.
  12. Do I need to patch test? We would suggest that you patch test new products, particularly if you have a sensitive skin type.

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