About Us

SBC Skincare is a British skincare brand which started life in the world of professional beauty over 30 years ago. Our signature moisturising gel formula was developed for use by beauty therapists in their face and body treatments, and remains a bestseller for both customers and salon owners alike.

What began as a small collection of moisturising gels, has now evolved into a full, colourful range of skin, bath and body care sold all over the world. The combination of naturally derived botanicals, luxurious textures, and beautiful aromas is what sets us apart.

Our iconic problem-solving collections focus on skin health, wellbeing, sleep and muscle recovery to soothe your mind, care for your body and give you beautiful skin from top to toe. We provide you with noticeable results whilst ensuring sensorial self-care moments. After all, your daily bathing and skincare rituals should provide a moment of joy.

All our formulas are original, created and tested by us - never on animals - and freshly made in small batches here in the UK. For our packaging we use recycled (PCR) and recyclable plastic where possible.