Deep Dive into Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Skincare

Deep Dive into Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Skincare

At SBC, we harness the power of marine extracts to create skincare collections inspired by the sea. Our Sea Minerals & Blue Algae collection energises your senses and enhances your skin's health. Enriched with powerful minerals and marine extracts, this collection strengthens, rejuvenates, and detoxifies your skin. Each product has an invigorating scent reminiscent of coastal air, lifting your mood and leaving your skin beautifully fragranced.

Is the Sea Minerals & Blue Algae collection for me?

Developed for those who love outdoor freshness and memories of days by the sea. This vegan-friendly collection promotes healthy-looking skin and restores essential moisture and vitality. Suitable for all skin types, it is specially formulated to invigorate sluggish skin in need of a pick-me-up. The whole family will fall in love with its fresh, light aroma, which leaves the scent of a summer breeze on your skin.

Why are Sea Minerals good for the skin?

The sea is the world's largest source of natural elements, nutrients, and minerals. Seawater contains over 40 types of minerals that help restore vitality, replenish, and purify the skin.

SBC’s Sea Minerals & Blue Algae collection harnesses a blend of five key minerals found in the sea:

  1. Magnesium: Improves skin’s barrier function, maintaining hydration and supporting collagen production for smooth, plump skin.
  2. Copper: Rejuvenates, soothes, and promotes collagen production.
  3. Iron: Protects and repairs against oxidative stress from external factors.
  4. Silicon (Silica): Firms skin and supports collagen production.
  5. Zinc: Soothes, balances oils, and fights free radical damage with its antioxidant properties.

Infusing your skin with this mineral blend encourages a healthy, rejuvenated appearance.

What is Blue Algae?

Blue Algae, also known as Spirulina, forms in fresh water and salt water and offers numerous skin benefits. Often taken as a dietary supplement, Spirulina in powder or tablet form nourishes your body from the inside out.

Is Spirulina good for my skin?

Spirulina is very good for your skin, it boosts overall health and radiance while preventing breakouts and irritation. Rich in nutrients, vitamins, and fatty and amino acids, Spirulina reduces irritation, tones the skin, and encourages cell turnover for a youthful complexion. It detoxifies dull, congested skin, promoting cell renewal and maintaining a healthy glow.

The Sea Minerals Collection

Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Body Wash

A truly invigorating shower experience, this deep-cleansing body wash purifies and rejuvenates the skin. Its hydrating formula effectively supports the skin’s barrier function to prevent moisture loss, leaving it smooth, supple, and comfortable. 

"The fragrance is beautiful and fresh which is quite addictive and the bubbly foam leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and calm." - CR


Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Moisturising Gel

This reviving face and body moisturising gel replenishes, purifies, and reawakens your skin. The unique formula strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and infuses it with antioxidants, filtering out free radicals for a healthy, radiant complexion.

"I would definitely buy this again! It leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean absolutely perfect!" - JM

Experience the refreshing cleansing power of the sea with our Hand Wash. With its silky lather, this non-drying, vegan-friendly hand wash gently cleanses, hydrates and revives tired hands for the whole family.


Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Hand Cream

Our Hand Cream offers intensive hydration, absorbing quickly to leave your skin silky smooth and nourished. The mineral blend helps to promote healthy-looking skin by restoring moisture and reviving lacklustre skin. Conditioning Sweet Almond Oil helps to maintain your skin's moisture barrier.

"Leaves your hands soft without leaving them sticky. Excellent quality." - YF

Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Body Butter

This luxurious body butter melts into your skin effortlessly providing instant nourishment. Formulated with Shea Butter and conditioning Vitamin E Oil, this body butter leaves your skin perfectly moisturised, silky soft, and supple.

"I love it the smell is like being on the beach thank you." - JB

Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner

The SLS-free shampoo and conditioner remove excess oils and build-up, whilst restoring moisture and shine. Rejuvenate your hair and scalp with our blend of detoxifying Blue Algae and Zinc PCA and moisturising Acacia Extract. Leaving locks feeling refreshed and silky with a healthy-looking shine.


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