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How To Get Your Skincare Routine Winter Ready

As the seasons change, so does our skin, so switching up your winter skincare regime is essential. Colder weather draws moisture from our skin and can cause dryness, irritation and redness. So, if you’ve noticed any skin changes in recent weeks, the colder weather may be to blame.

As you update your wardrobe to big winter coats, thermals and fluffy socks, remember to update your skin, body and hair care routine to adapt to this chilly sweater weather too. Your skin will thank you later!

1. Invest in an Intensive Moisturiser

The most common of all – dry, winter skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity draw moisture away from our skin causing dry and sometimes flaky, cracked or itchy skin. Central heating can also reduce the moisture in the air, so inside or outside your skin may be affected.

The first, and most obvious step to tackling the low moisture levels in the cold air is to invest in a thick and intensive moisturiser. Our Hydra-Collagen Intensive Moisturiser is the perfect addition to your winter skincare regime. Enriched with nourishing and ultra-hydrating ingredients to comfort dry skin and reduce water evaporation. Plus, a little goes a long way, so don’t feel the need to dollop a large amount of this non-greasy moisturiser all over your skin, one pump is enough to keep your face silky soft and help to prevent future dryness.

2. Switch to a nourishing Body Oil

Body oils can sometimes take a backseat on our list of skincare priorities, but they really are just as important as your creamy formulas, especially when you’re trying to tackle dry, flaky skin.

The Hydra-Collagen & Geranium Indulgent Body Oil is not only brand spanking new, but a must-have for those with dry, dull or mature skin types. With a blend of essential oils, the non-greasy formula effortlessly seeps into the skin and locks in essential moisture, so say bye bye to dry skin!

New to a body oil? Add it into your night time routine! Fresh out of the bath or shower, maintain hydrated skin and apply this over areas of dryness, it will leave you with a natural and youthful-looking glow. And if you weren’t already obsessed, the heavenly fragrance will make you feel like you’re relaxing in a luxurious spa… Bliss!

3. Swap your gel cleanser for a cream or balm

Sometimes gel formulas have a tendency to strip our skin of moisture as they cleanse. Time to upgrade to a more creamy and moisturising formula that keeps your skin ultra-hydrated as it cleanses away those daily nasties!

Cleansing balms are all the trend right now and honestly, we think it’s because they make our skin feel 10 out of 10! For the first step in your winter skincare regime, cleanse using our Hydra-Collagen Cleansing Balm to remove makeup and other impurities. Infused with calming Lavender Essential Oil, it’s the pampering evening ritual you’ve been waiting for.

For a beneficial double cleanse, follow it up with the Propolis & White Willow Gentle Milk Cleanser. Soothing and lightweight, the milky formula offers moisturising benefits for your skin while Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates away dead, dulling skin cells.

4. Find non-irritating alternatives

As your skin grows more sensitive in the colder climates, time to throw out those irritating formulas and invest in something that is more suitable for your delicate skin.

Known as a vegan-friendly and non-irritating alternative to Retinol, Bakuchiol is a great ingredient all year round, but especially kind to your skin in the chilly seasons. Replace those harsh, anti-ageing products in your routine with the Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum. This irresistible formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to even out skin texture and tone.

If you’re struggling with sensitive, reactive skin in general, we would recommend our Aloe Vera range or our Propolis range.

5. Maintain a summertime glow

As we lack a natural summer tan and an under-the-sun glow, our skin can sometimes look dull in the colder weather. But how do we maintain a natural-looking sunshine glow? The ultimate winter skincare ingredient… Vitamin C of course.

SBC’s Vitamin C Super Boost Serum gives your skin the radiance boost it needs in the winter. The hydrating formula brightens your complexion while reducing hyper-pigmentation, so, if you suffer from dark spots and discoloration on the face and body during the frosty climates, fear not! This serum is here to reveal healthier, more radiant skin on the face and body.

Your skin will be sparkling, ready for the glitz and glam of the Christmas and New Year period!

6. Treat a dry or flaky scalp

No need to feel embarrassed about a dry or flaky scalp in the winter, it happens to the best of us. Whether it’s the winter or all year round, it’s always handy to keep a shampoo and conditioner formulated to care for your scalp in your bathroom cabinet.

Shop our Propolis hair care heroes either in a duo or separately to keep your locks in perfect shape from root to tip! The Propolis Scalp Care Shampoo is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Ginger to hydrate and replenish your hair and scalp.

Finish with the Propolis Nourishing Conditioner to keep your mane silky soft after every hair wash! This moisturising conditioner will soak into your hair, caring for the hair follicle to reveal healthy, fuller hair. This perfect partnership creates pure hair magic for soothed, sweet-smelling locks.

7. Always keep a hand cream by your side

Our final winter skincare tip is your new best bud throughout the winter – an ultra-moisturising, handbag-sized hand cream to keep at arms length 24/7. Our hands really do take on a lot, whether it’s frequent hand washing or facing the cold on a daily basis, a moisturising hand cream should be by your side all year round and especially in the winter!

The Lemon Myrtle & Thyme Hand Hydrator has a silky, fast-absorbing texture to deeply condition the hands. The deliciously lemony fragrance will linger after every use, so your hands will be smelling vibrant throughout the day, uplifting your senses.

If your hands are really suffering from dryness, a thicker formula may be necessary. The Propolis & Safflower Intensive Hand & Foot Cream soothes dry and cracked skin while keeping the nails strong. Cover your hands in the thick and luscious formula either in the day or overnight for protected, healthy and silky soft hands.


So now you’re ready to brace the cold and enjoy the cosy season with beautiful glowing skin from top to toe!

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