NEW Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

NEW Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

Where have you (coffee) bean all my life? Say hello to your NEW vegan-friendly body care essential! The refining and smoothing Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub effectively exfoliates and buffs away dead skin cells for beautifully soft and radiant skin.

No need to worry about a scrub drying out your skin, this exfoliator is enriched with hydrating ingredients to keep your body silky smooth and moisturised. It can even help to smooth the appearance of cellulite and tone the skin too!

To top it off, it’s partnered with rich scents of coffee, peony, and chocolate to keep the body smelling deliciously sweet. What’s not to love?


Why put coffee in a scrub?☕

We love a tasty morning brew to start the day off right, but coffee… in a body scrub… how does it work?

It works wonders! Just like how your daily coffee gets you prepared for the day, coffee in skincare awakens and invigorates the skin. Stimulating the skin’s surface, coffee increases moisture retention and improves collagen production. Caffeine acts as a soothing antioxidant, helping to tighten and brighten the skin.

We’re not saying that it’s a miracle worker, but caffeine can help dilate blood vessels and combat the appearance of skin dimples and cellulite. The perfect evening ritual to tone and firm!

But it’s not just the coffee that your skin needs, it’s the combo of essential ingredients. Sugar is the natural exfoliant that sloughs way dead skin cells and smooths the texture of the skin. Grape and Sweet Almond Oil aim to keep the skin soft and supple, while Juniper Berry and Vitamin E are responsible for that luminous and glowing finish. It’s the perfect blend!


What are the benefits of exfoliating?

An important step that many people forget! Lack of exfoliation can result in clogged pores or dry, dull, and flaky skin. It’s the extra TLC your body deserves! Besides, who doesn’t love a good body care ritual?

Benefits of exfoliation:

  • Smooths the skin’s texture and evens out skin tone.
  • Flushes out toxins for healthy skin.
  • Boosts blood circulation.
  • Rejuvenates the mind.
  • Results in a radiant glow.

It’s also the perfect pre-tan routine. A good scrub creates a clean and smooth surface for a streak-free tan. Afterwards, use this scrub to effectively remove it. Hello fresh and revitalised skin!

#TOPTIP: Don’t over-exfoliate! Over-exfoliation can damage or irritate the skin. We recommend using our Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub 2-3 times a week for the best results!


Our brand new body scrub is too delicious to miss! If you’re a big coffee lover, use alongside our Wild Geranium & Coffee Body Wash to give your skin some extra love. So, what are you waiting for? Shop our NEW Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub. Words cannot fully expresso how excited we are for you to try it! ☕

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