Propolis & White Willow Range for Sensitive, Congested Skin

Propolis & White Willow Range for Sensitive, Congested Skin

This gentle and wonderfully scented collection is exactly what confused, congested complexions have been crying out for.

We launched our Propolis range over 20 years ago, and with its devoted following, it quickly propelled to being one of SBC’s best-selling ranges. Of course, we know why… this evidence-based range has proven Propolis can achieve remarkable results. The collection is already known as the ultimate go-to for those with sensitive, reactive, or volatile skin. It soothes, nurtures and leaves you with healthier-looking skin.

So, we researched what you, our customers, like best about this range and if there is any room for improvement to suit common 21st-century skin complaints. Lifestyle factors such as diet, fitness, pollution, stress and now mask-wearing, may have a huge impact on your skin’s appearance. We knew Propolis would be ideal, due to it being exceptionally nurturing and naturally rich in antioxidants, so we hunted for key extracts to support and amplify those benefits.

Say hello to the Propolis & White Willow range! Infused with effective, carefully selected, ingredients to further fortify your skin with what it needs to target dullness, congestion, sensitivity, breakouts and dryness. The range is launching with a body wash and moisturising gel – our signature formula – this duo is also infused with a fresh, enticing, unisex aroma… unlike any Propolis product you’ve tried before.

Effective, Carefully Selected Key Ingredients

We’ve packed six key ingredients into this duo which work together to leave your skin silky smooth, clear and comfortable. They help by improving texture, targeting congestion and soothing irritation, whilst helping to nurture your skin back to health… 

Bee Propolis Extract

This precious and powerful extract from the hive effectively restores and balances moisture levels and soothes any irritation. It’s naturally rich in antioxidants to help protect skin from everyday environmental stress.

White Willow Bark Extract

From the bark of the White Willow Tree. This deeply soothing extract contains ‘Salicin’ (natural salicylic acid) to help break down dead skin build-up and purify pores. It is known to help keep skin clear and calm.

Salicylic Acid

A key ingredient you need in your skincare routine if you have breakout-prone, congested sensitive skin. This deep cleansing Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) helps to break down congestion in the pores and balance oil production in the skin. Salicylic Acid works with Willow Bark Extract for double efficacy, tackling dull skin, breakouts and enlarged pores. Together, they help support skin renewal for smooth, clear and radiant results.

Tiger Grass/Cica

Also known as Cica or Centella Asiatica, and referred to as the ‘miracle elixir of life’. It is a powerful herb used to help calm redness and soothe irritation on your sensitive skin. It also enhances the look and feel of your skin, by helping to strengthen the skin barrier and encourage a supple appearance.

Fever Few

A small but mighty flower of the daisy family – not too dissimilar to chamomile. Fever Few is very soothing for the skin and can help reduce redness and calm irritation.


Not one to go unnoticed, this natural humectant locks essential moisture into the skin, to keep it soft, silky smooth and supple.

Propolis & White Willow Moisturising Gel

Propolis & White Willow Moisturising Gel is a lightweight formula that moisturises and soothes dry, sensitive skin, on the face and body, whilst helping to calm any areas of irritation. This innovative hydrator helps strengthen skin against dryness and helps repair complaints caused by external stressors, such as dullness, congestion, breakouts, sensitivity, and dryness.

Propolis & White Willow Body Wash

The Propolis & White Willow Body Wash is a fabulous addition to anyone’s body care regime. This invigorating body wash works to remove dead skin cells while it deeply cleanses the body of excess oils and impurities for a smooth, healthy-looking complexion. The soothing formula will calm compromised skin without altering the natural pH level. Infused with the most wonderful aroma, we would definitely recommend enjoying this body wash as a bubble bath too.

Another Fabulous SBC Fragrance

Propolis & White Willow Body Wash on sand stone with dried yellow flowers

Not quite the sweet, honey aroma you might expect with Propolis, this range is infused with a fresh, enticing, unisex fragrance, which everyone will enjoy. Fresh, pure and enticing. Bursting to life with a fruity green blend of ripe apple and zesty bergamot then quickly softened with rose petals. A delicate bouquet of lily and jasmine is entwined with amber. The soft bed of vanilla, musk and smooth sandalwood lingers on the skin.

Propolis & White Willow Fragrance

We can’t wait to hear your feedback. So, if you are lucky enough to have tried this collection already, please let us know what you think, below.

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This range is to die for. Would love a collagen body butter in this range. So fresh and it’s suitable for everyone. Hardly smells of honey at all – not a fan of…


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