Scents for the Tub to Beat your January Slump

Scents for the Tub to Beat your January Slump

January tends to pressure us with endless self-improvement projects. Here at SBC we think it’s time to step back and readjust that mindset! We’ve just survived the most hectic time of the year, so let's make January all about some much-needed self-care! Think slow mornings, hearty meals, winter walks and long, indulgent baths. After all, when it’s dark and cold outside there's no better time to transform your bath into a sanctuary of relaxation and mood-boosting bliss.

Why is a bath good for you?

Baths can do wonders for the soul. Bathing regularly has emotional and physical benefits. Emotionally, bath can calm our minds, providing clarity, and helping us de-stress and wind down. Physical benefits include easing muscle tension, invigorating our senses, soothing the skin, and improving sleep. That’s why taking regular baths should play a part in your self-care routine.

What should I look for in a bubble bath? 

Soaking in warm water has its benefits but to elevate your bath we suggest using bubble baths with ingredients and aromas to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re feeling overtired, stressed, low or under the weather, SBC has a suggestion for you. All of SBC's Body Washes and Bath Soaks make wonderful bubble baths, the luxurious lather cares for your skin, as the aromas indulge your senses. 

What do you need from your bathing ritual?

How do I relax my mind before bed?

Try Lavender: The Calming Comfort

Known for its soothing properties, Lavender is a timeless favourite in the world of aromatherapy. SBC’s Lavender & Waterlily Body Wash is infused with Lavender Essential Oil, pouring this into your bath can help promote relaxation, reduce stress, and prepare you for a restful night's sleep. Let the gentle aroma create a tranquil atmosphere that melts away tension and calms your mind.

How can I improve my mood?

Try Mandarin: A Citrus Zest for Energy

If you're looking to invigorate your senses and boost your mood, opt for a bubble bath infused with Mandarin Peel Oil such as our Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Hair & Body Wash. The sweet and citrusy fragrance of mandarin helps to awaken your mind and rejuvenate your body. A mandarin-scented bath can be the perfect pick-me-up after a long, tiring day, or if you have the time, a wonderful way to start your day. The Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Body Wash is the ultimate feel-good fragrance, it refreshes your psyche to bring feelings of happiness.  

How can I stop my overactive mind?

Try Ylang-Ylang: Sensual Tranquillity

Floral fans will adore this aroma. Known for its exotic and floral scent, ylang-ylang promotes a sense of calmness and emotional balance. SBC’s Ylang-Ylang Body Wash can help calm an overactive mind and alleviate feelings of negativity. Perfect for those seeking a touch of luxury and sensuality, our Ylang-Ylang Body Wash provides a pampering experience that lingers long after you've left the tub. 

Can a bath help if I have a cold?

Try Menthol: Refreshing Revival

When you’re feeling under the weather, taking a bath can do wonders to help alleviate congestion and relieve discomfort. Add a burst of freshness to your bath with SBC’s Camphor & Menthol Body Wash. The invigorating scent of menthol has the power to awaken your senses, clear your mind, and provide relief from congestion. Perfect for those days when you need a revitalising pick-me-up.

How can I reduce anxiety?

Try Geranium: Balancing Act

Geranium is known for its mood-stabilising properties, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Immerse yourself in a geranium-scented bath to experience a sense of tranquillity and emotional well-being. Pour our Hydra-Collagen & Geranium Body Wash into your tub to help you achieve emotional balance thanks to the sweet and floral aroma.

How can I feel more confident?   

Try Lemon Myrtle:  Zesty Uplift 

The vibrant and uplifting fragrance of Lemon Myrtle can bring a burst of positivity to your bath routine. Lemon Myrtle is known to boost your mood and promote a sense of optimism, while also sharpening your mind and fighting mental fatigue. Try adding SBC's Lemon Myrtle & Thyme Body Wash to your bath routine to uplift your spirits and embrace a brighter outlook.

No excuses, make time for yourself this January and enjoy regular baths! Elevate your experience with your chosen body wash/bubble bath to boost your mood. Whether you prefer the calming notes of Lavender or the zesty uplift of Lemon Myrtle, each aroma has its unique benefits that contribute to a mood-boosting bathing experience. 
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